The Élégant villa is a classic house design that combines refined elegance with a hint of modern spirit aptly hidden in simple glazing and delicate stucco.

The characteristic feature of the well-thought-out, optimal spatial arrangement of the villa is the openness of the rooms, which connect functionally with each other. On the 65-square meter ground floor, there is a technical area that includes a double garage, storage space, and boiler room with a laundry facility, and space for built-in wardrobes. The garage has a frontal entrance. However, if the plot allows, we recommend changing its location. An elegant side entrance will hide the large surface of the gate and introduce an additional window at the front of the building.

The entrance to the building leads through a vestibule with sliding glass doors in French style. It also offers additional space for a handy wardrobe or a comfortable seat. The lobby features a beautifully exposed staircase and can be enriched with an effective chandelier, as it is partly two-story. The ground floor includes a small wardrobe for outerwear and a toilet.

The living area includes a spacious kitchen with an island, a breakfast area, and has direct access to a pantry. Apart from that, there is a large dining room (8-12 people) and a living room. There are two possible arrangements of the kitchen: as a completely separate room or with an elegant glass door opening towards the dining room. The second option creates a sense of a much wider space. The central living room has excellent lighting conditions and several layout options, which allows the free arrangement of its interior. On the border of these two spaces, there is room for a fireplace. You can enjoy its warmth in both rooms. Besides, the spatial arrangement lets you create an additional 15 square meter guest room with a terrace on the garden side.

The Élégant villa’s first floor has an area of over 150 m². It holds a master bedroom, equipped with a large wardrobe and a bathing room, and two smaller bedrooms. Each of them is an independent space with its own, several square meter wardrobe, and a comfortable bathroom with a shower. The master bedroom has a direct exit to the almost 60 square meter terrace above the garage, an ideal place to relax. The simple and carefully planned layout of the upstairs bedroom creates additional arrangement possibilities. This makes personalization much easier and helps us meet investors’ specific expectations at the same time. This floor also has a several square meter storage space and an open leisure area, available for everyone, with access to the front balcony.


Luxury villa Élégant has no basement and has been designed in traditional brick technology. It is possible to adapt its foundation to the geotechnical conditions of the land. Structural tiles or silicate blocks can serve as the base material of the building, while mineral wool or high-quality polystyrene can be used for its insulation. To achieve a fine-grained finishing of the plaster, we recommend the latter one as it allows to obtain a much smoother and even surface.

The building facade’s finishing is high-quality mineral colored plaster, and all stucco details are performed in lightweight technology. Its elegance is refined by very delicate stucco, in the form of sublime pilasters on the building’s corners, a crowning cornice, and decorative niches with a circle motif. Moreover, a classic, triangular tympanum in the central part of the building together with delicate columns supporting the roof above the main entrance, adds additional aesthetic value. Windows in this catalog project have a minimalist form and no Viennese muntin bars. Their characteristic features include a division in the upper part and simple lintels. Besides, to add lightness to the building’s front, we designed high glass surfaces there.

The material used for stairs finishing in the main entrance and for the terrace creates a direct composition with the facade. It is a natural limestone that works very well on flat surfaces, and its warm color harmonizes perfectly with the color of the building. However, please bear in mind that the most recommended natural resource for the terrace is granite. It is the only material that will allow this surface to remain unchanged, with minimal maintenance effort.

One of the key elements of this exclusive house is its 35-degree roof, finished with the high-quality titanium-zinc sheet in standing seam profile. The same material has also been used for all other flashings, including the front roof dormers, which illuminate the attic. The building’s gutters are part of the upper cornice, which makes them invisible. Fall pipes, on the other hand, are hidden, contributing the high aesthetics of the facade.

The villa’s classic architecture has been refined with elements of metalwork in the form of forged balustrades of the balcony above the entrance, the French balcony, and the terrace above the garage. The project also contains forged iron sconces, which gently illuminate the facade from the garden side, adding to its charm. The representative entrance with a double-leaf door is decorated with lightly carved panels and sophisticated, aged door handles. The latter are placed within geometric circles, a repetition of the motif from the facade.

During the design work on the villa, we devoted our attention to its immediate surroundings as well. In front of the building, we designed a convenient driveway with a roundabout surrounded by a parterre of yew trees, which goes around a fountain. The simple bowl and basin of the overflow fountain are made of natural stone, whose color matches perfectly the warm, beige facade. Green parterres, filled with lavender and grasses, appear on both sides of the main entrance. The driveway surface consist of large concrete slabs that add a modern expression to the building.

The garden lawn, interspersed with flowering shrubs, perennials, and decorative grass, allows you to enjoy the surrounding greenery throughout the year. Also, for investors who are keen on spending summer in Poland, we offer an outdoor pool. It is a great place not only for swimming but also for sunbathing on comfortable sunbeds. The pool can be an independent basin (with its system for cleaning and chemicals dosing) or a multifunctional SPA bathtub that combines swimming area with counter-current and a jacuzzi with numerous massage nozzles.


ROOF ANGLE:35 degrees
LIVING SPACE:living room, dining room, kitchen, study room, wardrobe
BEDROOMS: 3 on the first floor + 1 guest room on the ground floor
BATHROOMS:3 full bathrooms + 1 toilet
ADDITIONAL FACILITIES:overground terrace, balcony from the front, pantry in the kitchen, comfortable laundry room

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