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At all times we remember that it will be you and your family who will eventually live in the house we create together. To make this place special, we listen to your needs and expectations from the very beginning.

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The luxury home design found in Unique Residence projects is timeless and often serves as a source of inspiration in the search for a perfect home. Exceptional attention to detail and high usability are features that the owners of luxury residences and exclusive homes value above all.

According to our vision, catalog villa and residence designs are a perfect solution for those who appreciate sophisticated architecture and practical solutions, and who have already decided to build their dream home, currently looking for a suitable project.

Unique Residence projects are created by a team of passionate architects who, thanks to their exceptional commitment, can create the perfect space. It has namely a significant impact not only on how our everyday experiences are shaped, but also on how we advance in our life and enjoy it.


In the luxury home and residence design, it is crucial to maintain the right proportions of the building and to use architectural solutions proven for decades. At Unique Residence, we approach each project with the same commitment — regardless of the size of the investment, its location, and the assumed budget. As a professional design studio with extensive experience, also in coordinating construction works, we achieve results that very often exceed the expectations of our investors.



Looking for the project of our future home, we considered many possibilities. We chose classic architecture because it is closest to our aesthetics. However, typical Polish manor-style houses were not of our interest. We needed something more exclusive and found the perfect balance at Unique Residence. We made some minor changes to the project of our choice, and after a few weeks, the construction documentation was ready!


My wife and I had a very demanding plot with numerous additional restrictions resulting from the land-use plan. That is why we opted for individual home design. Apart from meeting our expectations, it also had to conform to the Local Development Plan. Thanks to Unique Residence, everything went smoothly. We did not think that the seemingly difficult terrain has such a huge potential. Moreover, the company managed to settle all the issues regarding interior projections, architecture, and most importantly, the necessary building permit.


After the implementation of the design part, we decided to expand the cooperation by coordination of construction works. Due to our professional work, we could not fully engage in the construction process. Therefore, we knew we had to find someone to take over these duties and help us in the decision-making process. The cooperation model of Unique Residence is very convenient and makes offer verification and comparison simple. It also allows you to easily control the investment budget and its schedule. We are very pleased with the entire course of work and grateful for professional support!


I recommend Unique Residence projects, especially Willa Chic! It is the only studio in Poland that offers catalog classic villa designs in a modern, very light fashion. I had been looking for a suitable project for a long time. Still, there was always something wrong; either the building was too squat or the plan was utterly ill-considered. Here I found the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality!


Our daughter found the Unique Residence website on the Internet. We had been planning to build a new house for quite some time before. However, this was supposed to be the last one, a perfect place to enjoy our retirement in. We were captivated by the Unique Residence projects immediately. After short negotiations, we managed to find an agreement and sign a contract that concerned the adaptation of the X catalog project to our needs. It saved us a lot of time, and we could go on to discuss the aspects of interior design and construction. We recommend the Unique Residence studio in Cracow as a reliable and very committed contractor!

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Many years of experience and the knowledge gained from our partners during that time have taught us to appreciate the importance of details and to maintain high quality without compromise, in everything we do. The classic villa and residence designs found in our portfolio contain original and proven solutions of Unique Residence partners. Thus, we can guarantee them to be of high quality and verified by the market.