The Révol catalog residence project presents the wide possibilities of hand-formed clinker tile used as the exclusive facade material.

In the first place, the spatial arrangement of the residence constitutes a combination of functionality and all the characteristics of representative architecture. The ground floor with a usable area of 180 m² is designed as an open day zone with a spacious living room and a dining room and has a planned space for the cozy fireplace. High furniture, a kitchen island, and a breakfast corner belong to the partially separated kitchen with an area of nearly 30 m². It has a direct exit to the covered outdoor terrace, an ideal place for family breakfasts, whose layout allows for a variety of arrangements. It is also adjacent to a several square meter pantry that leads to a garage. Thanks to that, coming back from shopping, you will be able to conveniently unpack all the bought items using the passage through the boiler room.

There is also a 25 square meter study room on the ground floor, which can act as a home library open to the living room or as a completely separated study room with an independent entrance from the hallway. The room can also be arranged as an extra guest room, inserting a foldable bed.

The residence also has a vestibule separated by French doors with a handy outerwear wardrobe and a seat, as well as an open two-story space that perfectly connects the entrance with the day zone. Ergonomically designed stairs to the first floor look presentable and are comfortable in everyday use. A large window in this place provides excellent lighting, and a sizeable landing allows for an additional decorative composition. The space under the stairs can be adapted entirely for a wardrobe or a wardrobe with a convenient laundry room. A double garage with auxiliary storage and a boiler room covers another 60m2 of technical space, giving 240 m² of the ground floor when added to the remaining usable space. 

The first floor is 170 m² and consists of three bedrooms with wardrobes or spacious built-in wardrobes. At their disposal, there is a large and fully equipped bathroom with a shower, a bathtub, and a small sauna. There is also an alternative variant with a several square meter laundry for those who prefer having it upstairs.

The master bedroom in this project is a separated relaxation zone with an easy-to-arrange bedroom, whose central point constitutes a large window with an arched header. It also holds a wardrobe and a bathroom with double sinks, a bathtub, and a shower. Adjacent to the main bedroom, there is a 20 square meter elevated terrace. Depending on the exposure to the directions of the world, it can be a great spot to enjoy the sunsets or sunbathing.


The Révolu residence design has no basement and has been designed in traditional brick technology. Structural tiles or silicate blocks can serve as the base material. Depending on investors’ preferences, mineral wool or high-quality polystyrene can be used for insulation. The latter one is recommended for a clinker tile facade since it provides better adhesion. For customers who prefer a traditional approach to house building, we offer a solution with a three-layer wall, where full clinker brick can be used instead of tiles. The cross-section of such a wall will be substantially thicker, but the building itself can achieve very high insulation parameters. This is due to an additional buffer created between the structural wall and the one made of decorative brick, filled with mineral wool.

The outer finishing material used in the Révolu residence design is mainly dark brown, hand-formed clinker tile with a bright contrasting joint. All cornices, window casings, and a door portal are light facade profiles made of polystyrene with increased load-bearing traits. The polystyrene is covered with a layer of screed and ultimately with high-quality integral color mineral plaster. One of the key characteristics of the building, a unique, multi-hipped roof with a pitch of 55 degrees, has been entirely made of a titanium zinc-coated sheet in the dark grey shade and formed into a double standing seam.

The decorative elements of the residence include sublime, wrought iron sconces and balustrades, as well as a representative entrance door with beautiful, hand-forged metalwork, which catches the attention of all guests at first sight. Compatible with the joint color, bright, wooden shutters add charm to the building and constitute its stylish decoration. Finally, modern, rectangular gutters and partially hidden fall pipes enhance the aesthetics of architecture.

Designing this residence, we truly wanted it to have a cozy place, where you could spend time outside. We came up with the idea of a covered elevated terrace with a direct connection to the kitchen. This way, you can use it much more conveniently. Moreover, to achieve a perfect balance with the immediate surroundings, we went a step further and created a relaxation zone with a fireplace outside. Our proposal includes a comfortable rest with numerous pillows and rugs that will make your quality time even more pleasurable and memorable. The warmth of the fireplace will let you enjoy this place both in early spring and late autumn. The summertime, on the other hand, will be ideal for hosting parties for family and close friends.


ROOF ANGLE:50 degrees
LIVING SPACE:living room, dining room, kitchen, study room or home library
BEDROOMS:4 (optional 5, instead the study room)
BATHROOMS:2 full bathrooms + 1 toilet
ADDITIONAL FACILITIES:elevated and ground terrace with a roofing option, pantry in the kitchen, a separate laundry room (optional), sauna in the place of one of the bathrooms (optional)

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