Canadia is a manufacturing facility with nearly 35 years of tradition, specializing in the production of interior paints, premium facade paints, and plasters. The company has earned recognition in the market due to its narrow specialization, extensive knowledge, and experience, along with providing professional customer advice in material selection.

What sets Canadia apart is its use of the noblest Canadian recipes that demand selected raw materials, resulting in products with above-average parameters. Canadia plasters exhibit high resistance to biological efflorescence (algae and moss), UV radiation, and boast a beautiful and uniform structure. Additionally, the mass dyeing ensures the perfect color of the plaster mass.

Canadia distinguishes itself as the sole market player producing all paints and plasters to order, guaranteeing their freshness. The company refrains from using pre-made colored materials, initiating production only after receiving an order. Subsequently, the finished, colored product is packed and dispatched to the designated investment site.